Stamping Technology for the Global Market

GMP Metal Products is a 133 year old contract manufacturer of quality metal stampings, fabrications, and assemblies.


With plants in St. Louis, Missouri and Humboldt, Tennessee, GMP Metal Products offers comprehensive manufacturing capabilities including laser cutting, fabricating, stamping, forming, deep drawing, welding and metal finishing. 

GMP Engineering


We are a customer-oriented company with a lean approach that provides innovative solutions for product design and fabrication, leveraging our expertise in multiple stamping and fabricating processes to reduce costs and improve quality while ensuring high engineering collaboration throughout the production process.

GMP Stamping Fabrication

Stamping & Fabrication

GMP is a leading manufacturer of stamped and fabricated parts, equipped with 70 presses ranging up to 1,500 tons, a talented engineering staff, a team of certified welders, and an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system, serving heavyweight manufacturers in defense, agriculture, construction, and specialty equipment industries.

GMP Manufacturing


GMP’s competitive edge in the global market is attributed to consistent investments in manufacturing capabilities, enabling production of heavy tonnage stamping, deep draw parts, large press bed sizes, clutch/separator plates, press brakes, laser capabilities, welding, and ring seals.

GMP Materials


GMP’s collaborative relationships with sources in the US enable cost-effective procurement of materials, and expedited orders are possible through their network of warehouse sources to meet even the most demanding production schedules.

Your Industry, Our Expertise

At GMP Metal Products, we produce technically advanced engineered stampings and fabricated parts for many industries and across a variety of market segments. 


Our primary products include hood supports, fenders, track wheels, foot rests, separator plates, structural components, battery boxes, air and oil filter assemblies, formed body panels, engine components, ballistic body panels, ordinance fuse liners, and ordinance shipping caps.

Made in the USA
GMP Product Gallery
GMP Product Gallery
GMP Product Gallery
GMP Product Gallery

Experience the precision and expertise of GMP Metal Products, your trusted partner for stamping technology in the global market.