Seeking new and innovative ways to improve our internal processes is the backbone of our success and overall competitiveness globally. At GMP Metal Products, we are committed to quality and continuous improvement, so we are naturally ISO 9001:2015 certified. We integrate lean principles into our product and process designs and execution of Kaizen events and other cost reduction activities are commonplace in our facilities. With several Six Sigma black belts and green belts on staff, our proficiency with lean is well-known by our customers, who often invite us to collaborate in their VA/VE events.

Major OEM manufacturers have recognized our commitment to quality, evidenced by the following certifications:

  • AE Partner — John Deere
  • SQEP Bronze — Caterpillar
  • Distinguished Supplier — General Dynamics
  • Preferred Supplier – Emerson

Experience the precision and expertise of GMP Metal Products, your trusted partner for stamping technology in the global market.